PLATO 428 BC – 348 BC

Tobias Funke, star chef with Gault Millau points, Executive Chef and Managing Director of the «Gasthaus zur Fernsicht» in Heiden AR, makes Heiden a real culinary hotspot in the region. Under his leadership, however, there is not only gourmet gastronomy offered but also a restaurant with traditional „Swiss Alpine Food“, a bar with a cigar lounge, a café in the village or in winter a fondue chalet and an ice rink in the middle of the village with breathtaking views of Lake Constance.

„Cooking is intuition and creativity, but also skill and experience,“ Tobias Funke is convinced. Nevertheless, he says: „Cooking doesn’t have to be that difficult!“ and offers cooking courses for small groups. „Of course, the courses can be customised individually. I will not only show you the basics of cooking, but also let you into my personal recipes and my cooking philosophy,“ says Tobias Funke.


Tobias Funke: "Help where help is needed!"

No guests, no sales. But the two-star chef does not bury his head in the sand. He trains his team and offers his help to homes and hospitals.

Tobias Funke and the "Barefoot-Baker"

Werner Kast is a Legend! And Fernsicht chef de cuisine Funke is one of his customers. But for this time Funke helps a lot with kneading dough.

A magic stone and seven other courses that had a lot to offer

A few years ago, a restaurant was built high above Lake Constance, which was a blessing for Eastern Switzerland: the “Gasthaus zum Fernsicht”.

On the Track of the Alpine Cheese Fondue

Tobias Funke wants to know where his products come from. So, he goes up to the alp to watch how cheese is made.

Funke, Sgier, Rufibach & Gass in Ireland

FUNKE’S LOVE FOR IRELAND. Top chef Tobias Funke (large picture, second from the left) knows what he is talking about. He is staying in Ireland for the fourth time already, visiting local farmers to get an idea of the sustainable breeding methods.

Funke’s Vision: Guests, Producers, Chefs

Gault&Millau LIFE & STYLE: Under the leadership Tobias Funke, the «Fernsicht» in Heiden is becoming more and more the culinary hotspot of the region.

«Fernsicht»: Funke, Ike Jime & Pop-up-Hotel

Gault&Millau Star Chefs: Off we go to Appenzell! Tobias Funke lets the «Fernsicht» sparkle. Spend the night in the design pop-up hotel.

Funke Goes Under Water!

Gault&Millau Star Chefs: Tobias Funke is heading under water. Blue sky, ice-cold water – in Norway, Tobias Funke, manager of the «Fernsicht», dives for scallops himself.

Tobias Funke ist der «Chef de Grill»

Gault&Millau Star Chefs: The star chef from the «Fernsicht» swears on Second Cuts and explains what is important when barbecuing.

«The Outside Skirt Was a Discovery»

Gault&Millau Star Chefs: May we disturb you for a moment? Calling an executive chef. Today: Tobias Funke, 16 points, «Fernsicht» Heiden.

Restaurant of the Week: Incantare

Falstaff: In the restaurant «Incantare» in Heiden, every product is chosen, prepared and venturously combined with utmost care.

Perigord truffle

Mountainpotato, lettuce heart, Sbrinz and pine nuts

Portuguese red mullet

belugalin lentils, catalogna, salt lemon and capers

Pig „56 days matured“

Sunroot, walnut and soy

Dry Age Duck

red cabbage, medlar, cashew and oatroot

Ora King Salmon

Fermented potato, fennel and elder

Hiramasa Kingfish

Fermented buckwheat, zebra tomato and dill

Piedmontese hazelnut

Redlove apple, parsley, honey and Belgian waffle

Topinambur Malt

Chocolate and green shiso



If you enter the with two Guide Michelin stars awarded temple of deliciousness, you will be enchanted. For this experience, Tobias Funke and his team are constantly creating new compositions using international, specifically selected or cultivated products. The Incantare ranks 24th among the best restaurants in Switzerland.

Swiss Alpine

All dishes are created by Tobias Funke and his team and cooked with fresh, exquisite ingredients. All menus are produced with Swiss products only and are characterised by two typical features: Full flavour and that little something extra.

Fernsicht Bar

A cosy meeting place with breathtaking views in the midst of the beautiful gardens of the «Gasthaus zur Fernsicht». Here you may begin an evening full of culinary adventures or round off a perfect dinner with numerous taste experiences for your palate. Along with our extensive selection of drinks, you may also enjoy a range of light snacks. Or treat yourself to a cigar from our ample assortment.

Fondue Chalet

By twos, with friends, with your family: Get spoiled with culinary delights and enjoy the special atmosphere of the fondue chalet in Heiden. Whether you are planning a business event, birthday party or Christmas celebration, there are a lot of things possible in the wooden chalet.

The newspaper «Sonntagszeitung» wrote: „… presumably the best fondue chalet in Switzerland.“

Ice Rink Heiden

Whether you would like to ice-skate or curl (reservation below), whether you are new or experienced on the ice: the ice rink Heiden offers fun for everyone on an ice-covered surface of 850 m2. Those ice skaters who get hungry or want to warm up may do so in the authentic Swiss fondue chalet right next to the ice rink.

Boutique Hotel

In the middle of nowhere. An oasis in the midst of nature, designed to the last detail. A place where nature is everywhere around you and the landscape is seamlessly framed. A surrounding where everything necessary and nothing unnecessary is available.
A unique place to forget everyday life and recharge your batteries.


The perfect symbiosis of café and bar. During the day, we serve exquisite coffee and tea specialities as well as a changing selection of cakes. At lunchtime, you may choose from two weekly menus. In the evening, you will enjoy a cosy atmosphere with exquisite wines, drinks and cocktails for every taste. On the upper floor, there is a billiard table. Occasionally, we also show live football games on the screen.

Tobias Funke loves to share his knowledge. Therefore, it’s not surprising to find him on speaker stages of well-known institutions more and more or in consulting other companies. Find some examples below.

Schweiz Tourismus
„my Switzerland“ Ferientag KKL Luzern
 Topic: Future, Trends, Pop-Up Projects
CEO Pascal Vautier invites to a discussion about „Energy and Food“
Topic: Energy und sustainability in fine dining
National Library Bern
125th anniversary
Topic: The past, the present and the future

Would you like to book Tobias Funke for your own event (in german only)?  Inquire without obligation.


Kickoff of the Swiss Football National Team of Top Chefs

Kickoff of the Swiss Football National Team of Top Chefs

Since a few years I play for the Swiss National Footballteam of top chefs. The conditions of participation are fun on football, an awarding in GaultMillau or Guide Michelin and a position as chef or CEO. Every year we play at national level against other teams for...

Oldest Menu Card of Switzerland

Oldest Menu Card of Switzerland

Looking for something new, I have found something old. In the national library of Bern, we have deciphered recipe books that were up to 500 years old, and have got into them extensively for 5 months. We were astonished, how intensively Switzerland had experienced new...

Junior Staff …

Junior Staff …

… Is the Cue Junior stuff is rare in our line of business. What can be done? We train chefs and waiters EFZ (with Swiss professional certificate). Hotel management students from nationally recognised hotel management schools are also very important. I am struggling to...

Irish Beef Ambassador

Irish Beef Ambassador

Since October 2012, I am a founding member of the Irish Beef Club Switzerland. The club members are as follows: – Arno Sgier, Traube Trimbach – Richard Stöckli, Alpenblick Wilderswil – Markus Gass, Adler Hurden – Bruno Hurter, Private Chef – Heinz Rufibach,...

The Ice Rink Heiden 2019/20

The Ice Rink Heiden 2019/20

It all began with an idea and is now becoming reality for the third time in a row: The ice rink in Heiden. Starting from 8 November, we are operating our ice rink on the Henry-Dunant place in Heiden. Ice-skating, curling or simply enjoying a good cup of coffee, mulled...


Cooking Courses with Star Chef Tobias Funke

Cooking Courses with Star Chef Tobias Funke

„Cooking is intuition and creativity, but also skill and experience. Profit from first-hand tips and tricks in the unique atmosphere of a professional kitchen. Course Planning and preparation of the menu with shopping tips Assessment and quality control of the...

Sous-chef Entremetier
Incantare* Restaurant
by arrangement
Apprenticeship places summer 2020
Waiter EFZ
If you have any questions, suggestions or wish to contact me for any other reason, please do not hesitate to send a message!

If you have any questions, suggestions or wish to contact me for any other reason, please do not hesitate to send a message!

Sous-chef Entremetier
Incantare* Restaurant
by arrangement
Apprenticeship places summer 2020
Waiter EFZ