… Is the Cue

Junior stuff is rare in our line of business. What can be done? We train chefs and waiters EFZ (with Swiss professional certificate). Hotel management students from nationally recognised hotel management schools are also very important.

I am struggling to find suitable junior stuff, too. I try to offer that certain something. Employees who help our trainees with school issues. Partners who gill fish on a large scale, butchers who teach you to respect meat and know the expression „Noise to tail“. Vegetable farmers who grow real vegetables or bakers who know the expressions wild yeast or long-term dough process. Baristas who want more than hot foam. More than selling and carrying plates, understanding people, reading wishes from the guests’ eyes, offering the best for everyone. Wine, inspiration, amendment, completion. These are only some of our advantages … However, the most important part remains the human, the individual person that is eager to learn.

I look forward to your application.

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